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What Our Customers Say
Mrs W. K. Lam
Hong Kong

My daughter was studying A Levels in Singapore. I was concerned about how her subjects would affect her choice of university degree. Canopi offered to us their expert advice, and also arranged a phone call for me to speak with the head of department of the university. We are so glad that we have a much better understanding now and our daughter has made a good choice for her tertiary education through Canopi. Thank you.

Frank Zeng
Shanghai, China

Canopi is very nice to help me get into an international school. Before that I was in a preparatory class. I could not get into a full school. Canopi showed me how to focus and get good results in English and Mathematics. I finally got accepted into an international school and I am now doing IB. This is so great!

Chathuri G.
Sri Lanka

The enrolment process for my school application was fast and effective. Canopi handled everything smoothly and helped me secure a place in the finance management course which I prefer. Many thanks to the enrolment consultants at Canopi!

Mrs Wijaya
Jakarta, Indonesia

We were looking for degree courses for my daughter to study in Singapore and chanced upon Canopi. The Canopi staff is very knowledgeable about the education pathways in Singapore. After that we also realised that the staff is herself a graduate from Singapore. We strongly recommend Canopi to anyone who is looking to study in Singapore.

Bryan Tan

My friend recommended I contact Canopi after I finished my A-levels. After talking to the Canopi team, I found out the different options I have based on my results. In the end, I chose a 4-year direct Masters degree (Bachelor degree + Masters). Looking forward to the day I become a Masters graduate!

Nitisha S.

Canopi helped me find a school and hostel in Singapore for my bachelor degree. They were attentive to my requests and were very helpful despite the different time zones. After I arrived in Singapore, they followed up with me to ensure I was happy with the hostel. Thank you for enabling me to study in Singapore!

Sam Tsai

Singapore schools provide me many choices of courses. I managed to find a course which I like. And I really love the living environment and food here. Canopi consultants helped me apply successfully to my course and advised me on how things are in Singapore. Cheers to the team!

Mr and Mrs Jia H.


Sharon Wong

I have always wanted to explore studying overseas, but little did I expect I will end up study at my neighbouring country. At first I was not sure, but after consulting with Canopi, I was confident of the private education system in Malaysia, primarily because of the large variety of courses at very affordable fees, together with their big and modern campuses. I am so glad I have made this choice. Thank you Canopi for guiding me! 🙂

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